Macmillan Cancer Support 2019!

Once again ServiceMaster Newbury and The Laundry Basket took part in the annual Macmillan Coffee Morning on Friday 27th September.

The event started in the Laundry Basket at 8.00am hosted by staff and then the cake sale continued in the offices.

This year the grand total raised was £411.84.

Eve Dee Shapland would like to thank everyone for their help and support and for donating and buying cakes.

2019 Summer Summit Awards

Abbigale May (New Business and Development Manager) and Andre Gottemaker (Business Operations Manager) attended ServiceMaster’s National Summer Summit and were delighted to receive two prestigious North Star Awards for growth in 2018 on behalf of ServiceMaster Clean Newbury.

ServiceMaster Clean Newbury has grown steadily since it was established in 1991 through its three dedicated Services Departments comprising: Commercial Services, Communal Services for Social Housing and Residential Services including fire and flood restoration. The differentiation of departments has enabled ServiceMaster Clean Newbury to offer a range of specialised cleaning services whilst maintaining a strong customer focus and fulfil specific needs within these markets.

If you would like to find out more about the services we offer please contact Abby May, New Business and Development Manager on 01635 39971 or for your residential cleaning needs Ian Leamon on 01635 40400.


2019 Mid Year Company Review

Adherence to good practices and teamwork played a central role in dealing with challenging economic times in 2018, Managing Director Nick Dee Shapland said at ServiceMaster’s Mid Year Company Review.  He confirmed ServiceMaster ended the financial year in a strong position, with the company well positioned to look forward to the business future with optimism and thanked the staff for their leadership and hard work.  For the first time, the Mid Year review was delivered at both ServiceMaster’s offices in Newbury and again in Gloucester due to continued expansion in the social housing market.

The mid-year review included information on:

  • Sales growth in the three departments – Commercial, Communal and Residential.
  • The importance of budgeting to deliver a programme of growth and investment in people, vehicles and technology.
  • The need to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction and investment in staff through training and auditing.
  • Legislative updates and the gender pay gap.


One of the much anticipated meeting highlights was the presentation of the annual Avril Bannister Award.  We are delighted to announce this year’s winner is John Millington, Communal Field Supervisor.  Amanda Cook, Commercial Field Supervisor, is the very worthy runner up.

Avril Bannister Award winner 2018 announced

ServiceMaster Clean Newbury are delighted to announce this year’s winner of the annual Avril Bannister Award.  This award was set up in 2011 to honour a former colleague, Avril Bannister and presented annually to a member of staff who exhibits the same high standards exhibited by Avril in the following areas:  Dependability, Consistent Quality of Work, Communications, Leadership, Appearance and Commitment.

We are delighted that John Millington, Field Supervisor for the Communal Services Department was awarded the Avril Bannister Award for 2018.  Since joining ServiceMaster on 25th April 2005, John progressed to his current role and subsequently qualified as a BICSc Assessor, passing on a depth and breadth knowledge and experience to the Communal team.  His positive and steady nature, combined with warm and friendly style is integral to his role as the backbone of the Communal technicians.

Amanda Cook, Field Services Supervisor for the Commercial Services Department is a very worthy runner up.  Amanda has a very strong customer focus and exemplifies the service provision our customers want and expect.  She takes time to get to know her staff and provide extra support for those who need it.  Amanda looks for solutions not for problems.

ISO 14001 & 9001

We have successfully passed re-accreditation for ISO 14001 & 9001 management systems.  The Auditor has written the following statement:

The audit team concludes that the organisation HAS established and maintained its management system in line with the requirements of the standard(s) and demonstrated to the audit team that it has the ability to systematically achieve the requirements for products and or services within the scope of its activities and in accordance with its policy and objectives.’

Gender Pay Gap as at 5th April 2018

307 staff

Mean pay for women = £8.37 per hour
Mean pay for men = £8.67 per hour

Median pay for women = £7.83 per hour
Median pay for men = £7.97 per hour
Gender pay gap = 3.49%

Mean bonus for women = £401.11
Mean bonus for men = £371.40

Median bonus for women = £360.00
Median bonus for men = £290.00
Gender pay gap for bonus = 34%

Christmas Giving Tree

This Christmas our Giving Tree was organised at the ServiceMaster office by Eve Dee Shapland for the Salvation Army, in Newbury.

Presents were supplied by staff for young adults.  These were taken on Saturday 15th December to the Newbury Salvation Army and received by Lieutenant Andrew Williams.

We would like to thank all staff who have kindly donated and supplied gifts.


ServiceMaster Newbury and The Laundry Basket hosted their 5th annual Coffee Morning on 28th September.  The event started at 8.00am in the Laundry Basket hosted by Frances and Tina,  then ServiceMaster offices continued with the cake selling from 9.00am until 12.30 along with a mobile unit delivery to local businesses.

The grand total this year was £773.33 which is fantastic and Eve Dee Shapland, who organized the event, would like to thank all the staff and their families for supporting the event by baking, eating and distributing cakes.

MACMILLAN 2018 Coffee Morning


ServiceMaster Employee of the Year Award

Deeland Ltd t/a ServiceMaster’s Jaz named UK Employee of the Year!

Earlier this summer, Jaz Baxter, Supervisor at Severn Vale Housing, was invited to the annual National ServiceMaster UK Conference to receive the ServiceMaster Clean’s UK Employee of the Year Award.

The ceremony was held in a hotel in the Midlands, with Franchisees from right across the UK invited.  Jaz attended the ceremony with Nick to receive the much-coveted award.

Jaz joined us in 2012 and since then has been demonstrating a commitment that goes above and beyond in all areas of her work as Site Supervisor at Severn Vale, Tewkesbury.

Earlier this year Jaz was awarded the prestigious Avril Bannister Award.  This Award was set up in 2011 in honour of former ServiceMaster Clean by Deeland colleague, Avril Bannister, who sadly passed away following a battle with breast cancer.

Each year the award is presented to a member of staff who exhibits the same high standards in work and conduct, embracing the core ethics of ServiceMaster Clean by Deeland.

Jaz’s good work isn’t just recognised by our customers though, team members have praised Jaz’s ongoing hard work and positive attitude too, nominating her for two OSCARS last year in November and August.

Here are just a few selections of the feedback that were provided in Jaz’s OSCAR nominations.

“Jaz worked extremely hard trying to get the job completed on time whilst keeping a high standard approach. Jaz always had a smile on her face even though the job felt like it couldn’t be completed.”

“I know we are only a small section of the ServiceMaster team but Jaz always puts in over 100% effort and attention to make sure that the clients and ServiceMaster are happy.”

Nick says: “Jaz goes above and beyond so often that we have lost track of how many times she has helped out on contracts, smoothed the path with clients and stepped in when there are staff shortages, extra requirements and help needed. She is an example to us all and we are very fortunate to have her as part of the SM team.”

Gloucester City Homes and Severn Vale Housing Society

Deeland Ltd t/a ServiceMaster were recently awarded the combined cleaning services contract for Gloucester City Homes Severn Vale Housing Society, following a successful tender process.

The success of this tender and the acquisition of the contract has been down to a considerable team effort from the Communal Services Department who will manage it, plus others in New Business, Business Services/Operations, Human Resources and Accounts.