A maintenance clean that
feeds, protects and enriches
your leather

Leather sofa Leather before Leather after

ServiceMaster's leather maintenance cleaning program uses a unique range of natural products that prolongs the life of your upholstered leather.

Quality leather is a long term investment, in order for it to be hard wearing and durable in the environment it is placed in, it has to be maintained, otherwise the leather is likely to go dry. Once your leather is dry it becomes porous allowing soiling grease to be impregnated in to the leather, causing eventual staining.

Natural leather care products:

  • All our leather maintenance products are organic
  • Our natural products remove soiling
  • We condition your leather by feeding it which eliminates dryness
  • Our creams form a barrier which protects your leather against future soiling and staining, such as clothing dye transfer and red wine
  • Your upholstered leather is enriched in its appearance

    Three step leather maintenance program

Step 1

We clean – We clean your leather with our natural products removing soiling

Step 2

We protect – We protect your leather by applying a natural cream which not only feeds the leather it helps create a protective barrier preventing soiling being impregnated by the leather

Step 3

We buff – Once the leather has absorbed the cream, we buff the residue off, leaving a soft sheen appearance to your leather

"We rejuvenate your leather upholstery"